15 Things to do in Santorini, Greece Travel Guide

Come join us as we visit Santorini, Greece in this travel guide covering all of the top attractions, things to do and local foods worth sampling on this beautiful Greek Island. For many Santorini Island is what travelers dream of when they think of the Greek Islands. With an opportunity to spend over a week traveling around Santorini I can honestly say it is not overrated and offers more adventure activities such as hiking and boating than we initially expected.

15 Things to do in Santorini Island Tour | Greece Travel Guide:

1) Hike to Oia from Fira (Thira)
2) Oia (Οία)
3) Boat Trip to Volcano (Nea Kameni Volcanic Park)
4) Swim to the hot springs
5) Prehistoric Town of Akrotiri (Ακρωτήρι)
6) Red Beach in Santorini
7) Pyrgos (Πύργος)
8) Prophet Elias Monastery
9) Ancient Thira (Αρχαία Θήρα) on a rainy day
10) Greek Breakfast in Santorini
11) Museum of Prehistoric Thera (Μουσείο Προϊστορικής Θήρας)
12) Archaeological Museum of Thera
13) Cathedral Church of Saint John The Baptist (Καθεδρικός ναός του Αγίου Ιωάννη του Βαπτιστή)
14) Sunset in Thira (Fira)
15) Greek Food in Santorini

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Our visit Santorini travel guide covers some of the top attractions including a food guide to local Greek food, top sightseeing tourist attractions and the city by day and by night including visiting Oia, Thira (Fira) and Ancient Thera while hiking all over the island, visiting volcanoes and enjoying scenic views and great local Santorini food. We cover activities you won’t find in a typical Santorini tourism brochure, Santorini itinerary or Santorini, Greece city tour also known as Σαντορίνη / Θήρα.

15 Things to do on Santorini, Greece Travel Guide Video Transcript: (Σαντορίνη / Θήρα Ελλάδα):

We got our first glimpse of Santorini aboard the ferry and it was immediately apparent why this place has been linked to the Lost City of Atlantis.

What was once a single island, was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption, and all that remains today is the caldera rising out of the Aegean Sea.

The first thing that caught our attention were the soaring red cliffs, and atop these, a collection of villages, all painted white.

We imagined we’d spend our week in Santorini just lounging around, but the island lured us out to hike its trails, get lost in its towns, and look back at its history. So with that in mind, in this travel guide we’re going to share with you a few things to do in Santorini on your visit!

The hike from Fira to Oia turned out to be our favourite activity on the island, but we’ll warn you, it took us closer to 5 hours, so go prepared with lots of sunscreen, plenty of water, and a few snacks to sustain you along the way.

Of course, no trip to Santorini would be complete without spending a bit of time in Oia.

Situated on the northern tip of the island and built on the slope of the caldera, this is probably the most picturesque town on the island, and a very popular spot right around sunset.

We had a leisurely ride out to the island and once we docked, we paid an additional 2 Euros and 50 cents per person for admission to Nea Kameni Volcanic Park.

From there we hiked along a gravel path until we reached the top of the crater, where we did a full circuit around the rim.

There were a few spots where we could even see active sulphur vents.

And that’s a wrap for our time in Santorini! We came here thinking we’d do a whole lot of relaxing and not much else, but as it turns out, this is a great island for an active holiday.

Our week in Santorini was spent village hopping, hiking the trails, learning about the island’s history, and feasting on Greek food.

It was the perfect way to end our travels in Greece, and also wrap up our Eurotrip.

Wishing you happy travels, and we’ll see you in the next video!

This is part of our Travel in Greece video series showcasing Greek food, Greek culture and Greek cuisine.

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