Epic Day in the AUSTRIAN ALPS! 🇦🇹✨ Hohenwerfen Castle & Sound of Music Trail (Werfen Day Trip)

Today, we’re taking you on a day trip from Salzburg to the scenic alpine town of Werfen to visit the Austrian Alps. In this video, we’ll be hiking (and singing!) our way up the Sound of Music hiking trail, as well as visiting Hohenwerfen Castle, so you’re invited to join us on the adventure.

Getting from Salzburg to Werfen was super easy. There is a direct train to Werfen with multiple departures per day. If you miss the direct train like we did, you can ride the train to Bischofshofen and then backtrack one station to Werfen. The travel time is 45 minutes to 1 hour, which makes it a super easy day trip from Salzburg! And the perfect introduction to the Austrian alps.

Our first stop of the day was Hohenwerfen Castle, which was built between the years 1075 and 1078. This is considered the sister castle to Hohensalzburg, which is the fortress overlooking the city of Salzburg. Hohenwerfen sits on a peak high above the Salzach Valley and it’s surrounded by mountains. Ah, the incredible Austrian Alps! We joined a guided tour which gave us access to the chapel, dungeon, arsenal, and the clock tower where you get some truly impressive views of the town below! The one thing to keep in mind before you visit Hohenwerfen Castle is that it’s only open from April to November, so it’s not a year-round attraction.

After the castle visit, we hiked the Sound of Music trail overlooking the Austrian alps. Along the way, we came across all sorts of cool art installations connected to songs from the movie. One of the highlights was the rest area with wooden benches that had engraved lyrics from the Sound of Music. The views from that lookout were spectacular. Eventually, we reached an idyllic field, which is where Maria taught the children to sing the Do Re Mi song and they enjoyed a picnic.

Back in town, we ate at Stiege N° 1 and the food was outstanding! Sam had the schnitzel with potatoes, and I ordered the pork roast with bread dumplings and vegetables. This meal was one of the highlights of our trip to Austria.

Overall, we really enjoyed this day trip from Salzburg to Werfen, and we hope this video gave you an idea of how to do this trip on your own!

Epic Day in the AUSTRIAN ALPS! 🇦🇹✨ Hohenwerfen Castle & Sound of Music Trail (Werfen Day Trip)

Have you visited the Austrian Alps? Let us know in the comments section below.

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