First Day in Tokyo + First Impressions

Join us on our first day in Tokyo as we share some of our first impressions of the city!

After arriving in Tokyo, we met up with our friend Rob from “Stop Having a Boring Life” ( and we set out to explore the city together. Rob had been to Tokyo before, so we let him lead the way with the sightseeing.

After stopping for lunch at Coco Curry House (a classic Japanese food experience!), we continued on to Harajuku. Here we walked along Takeshita Street and browsed the quirky shops along the way.

From there we continued to Shibuya to see the Shibuya Crossing, which is just as busy as you might expect. There was also a detour to Big Camera, to browse the latest gear.

We were feeling pretty wiped from the busyness of it all, so after that, we walked over to Yoyogi Park where we enjoyed some ice creams and lounged on the grass.

From there it was just a short walk over to the Meiji Shrine, so we also visited that.

And that pretty much sums up our first day in Tokyo! We visited some very busy sights and we also found some peace and quiet in the middle of the chaos.

Our first impressions of Tokyo were very positive, and we have more Tokyo videos coming your way soon!

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First Day in Tokyo + First Impressions of Tokyo, Japan Travel Video Transcript:

Good morning guys. It is our first day here in Tokyo. Yes. The gang. We’re going to go out and have some lunch because it is a pretty late start actually. We’re going to wander around and basically check out what our first impressions are of Tokyo, Japan. And we’ve got our good buddy Rob from Stop Having A Boring Life to join us. This is going to be fun. So the mission will include food. We’re going to visit maybe some of the busiest areas in Tokyo, maybe some temples and show you our neighborhood as well.

Alright guys so a little change of plans. We were on the train on our way to Shibuya and then we realized we were at Harajuku so that seems like a good first introduction to Tokyo. We decided to get off and we are right in front of Takishita Street. I think it is going to be all about the crazy fashion so let’s go see it.

Okay I think we have made it maybe like half way down the street here in Harajuku. Impressions. What are you thinking so far?

The population density is off the charts. Yeah. We end up walking down a crazy busy street. It is like a mass of tourists.

So basically this is like the stark contrast between where we were earlier in the day. It was pure modernity pure madness in terms of crowds and just like this is a nice green escape right in the heart of Tokyo. So what do you think about it?

I kind of I totally agree with what you’re saying. Tokyo is nice because you’ve got the craziness of the Shibuya scramble and then less than a kilometer and a half away you’ve got the peacefulness of Yoyogi Park. Exactly. It is a beautiful Saturday and well it is spring but it feels like summer. Obviously it feels like half of Tokyo is here right now. It is just relaxing and it is nice.

Alright guys so we’re back at the apartment here. We’re chilling out with beers. Cheers my friend. What did you think of our first day here in Tokyo together? I thought it was good. I thought it was busy. I thought we covered a lot of ground. Yeah. This isn’t going to be a typical day. That is we went full throttle. And he says that now I have a feeling this is going to be a very typical day. Maybe. We’re loving being here in Tokyo so far and it is Saturday night. We have no plans to go out but we will say goodbye to you. So cheers one more time. Thanks for watching and we will have a new episode soon from Tokyo, Japan.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese attractions.

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