HALIFAX FOOD GUIDE (Must-Try Food & Drink in NOVA SCOTIA) 🦀 | Best CANADIAN FOOD in Atlantic Canada

Hey guys, Samuel and Audrey here, and today we’re taking you on a massive food tour of the beautiful seaside city of Halifax, Nova Scotia!

This summer, we had the chance to spend a week exploring Halifax in partnership with Tourism Nova Scotia and the cuisine was a real highlight.

Our quest for a taste of the Maritimes led us to all sorts of restaurants, breweries, distilleries, pubs and outdoor patios, and we’re going to be sharing them all in this video. We’ll dive into the seafood scene with dishes ranging from lobster roll to risotto with scallops, and seafood linguini to fusion maki rolls.

We’ll taste the beloved Halifax donair, which is the city’s must-try dish and a great street food snack. We’ll also visit a few different craft breweries, go on a sunset wine cruise, and do a spirit tasting inside the citadel.

So join us on this Halifax food tour as we check out some of the best Canadian food in Atlantic Canada!

The following is our Halifax food guide. Bring your appetite!

🦀 HALIFAX FOOD GUIDE 🦀 Must-Try Foods & Drinks in Nova Scotia:

01:00 // Waterfront Warehouse
– Seafood tower featuring Atlantic lobster, local oysters, a shrimp cocktail, crab claws, marinated chilled mussels, solomon gundy, and a selection of sauces and chutneys
– Caesar and Irish red beer
– Pecan flan with caramel and blueberries
– Strawberry rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice cream

04:45 // The Bicycle Thief
– Local scallops with a herbed crumb crust, lemon, white wine and garlic butter
– Jumbo shrimp sauteed with garlic, Cognac, charred grape tomatoes, and a splash of cream
– Linguine all’Aragosta, Nova Scotia lobster, roasted garlic, tomato, sherry and cream
– Risotto con Capesante, pistachio-dusted scallops, lemon zest and mascarpone
– Shortcake with caramel and pecans
– Lemon meringue pie
– Glass of Tidal Bay white wine and another glass of Malbec by Trapiche in Mendoza, Argentina.

07:35 // Salty’s
– Bacon-wrapped scallops with a homemade cocktail sauce
– Nova Scotia smoked salmon with sour cream, capers, red onions and bread
– Seafood chowder with a mix of local fish and shellfish
– Lobster roll in a croissant with a garden salad
– IPA and a cider
– Blueberry cake with whipped cream and ice cream

09:52 // The Canteen
– ‘Crobster’ roll with crab and lobster
– Snow crab and cream cheese dip
– Ginger and ginseng soda
– Carrot cake with roasted coconut and cream cheese icing

12:40 // Brightwood Brewery
– Vermont is for Lovers, New England IPA
– Minutes California Common Lager
– Made me Blush Rosé IPA
– BMAC IPA Memorial Beer
– Savoury New Zealand-style pies from Humble Pie

14:45 // Sea Smoke
– Holy Dynamite with tempura shrimp and BBQ eel
– Sea Smoke with smoked salmon
– Black Mamba with tempura shrimp and lobster
– Philadelphia roll
– Spicy salmon roll

15:48 // Wines on the Water aboard Tall Ship Silva
– 5 Nova Scotia wines
– Charcuterie board with meats, cheeses and bread
– Grilled seafood

17:22 // Alexander Keith’s
– Stag’s Head Red Ale
– Raspberry Gose

18:48 // Red Stag Tavern
– Flight of Alexander Keith’s beers
– Fried macaroni and cheese balls
– Deep-fried pepperoni stick
– Pale Ale battered fish & chips
– Haddock on a brioche bun

22:22 // Garrison Brewing Co
– Sasquatch Hop Smash Pale Ale
– Irish Red
– Deja Moo Milk Stout
– Ginger & Turmeric Relax IPA
– Tall Ship East Coast Ale

23:16 // Piatto Pizzeria
– Naples-style Margherita Pizza

23:40 // The Stubborn Goat Beer Garden
– Local craft beer
– Poutine

24:11 // The Arms Public House at the Lord Nelson Hotel
– Eggs, bacon, hash browns, toast and fresh fruit
– French toast with fresh berries and maple syrup
– Coffee and juice

26:09 // Johnny K’s Authentic Donairs
– Beef donair with tomatoes, onions and a sweet sauce

27:36 // Compass Distillers at the Citadel
– Noon Gun Gin
– Fort George Genever
– Daily Ration Rum

28:53 // The Mercantile Social
– Gin Ricky and red wine
– Soba salad with mushrooms, edamame beans, and shrimp
– Double cheeseburger with an onion ring and fries
– Mini-cheesecake with ice cream

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HALIFAX FOOD GUIDE (Must-Try Food & Drink in NOVA SCOTIA) 🦀 | Best CANADIAN FOOD in Atlantic Canada


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