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Join us as we travel in Portugal by bus from Lisbon to Porto in travel vlog. Firstly, we start things off with a tour of our apartment in Lisbon which featured really high cupboards and two bedrooms with a comfortable living room for the four of us to hang out. From there we took a taxi to the bus station in Lisbon, Portugal where we waited to catch our bus to Porto. We grabbed a few snacks including pastel de nata and sandwiches at the station. Bus rides from Lisbon to Portugal take only a few hours and overall the journey was short and we arrived in Porto feeling refreshed. Upon arriving we did some grocery shopping and ended up having Portuguese red wine for dinner along with Korean noodles, cheese and prosciutto slices and mochi balls and after 8 thins for dessert.

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Lisbon to Porto Bus Ride | Portugal Travel Vlog Video Transcript:

Good morning. Greetings from Lisbon, Portugal. Today is a travel day so we’re going to be traveling up to Porto yes which I believe is 3 and a half hours by bus. We’re going to be leaving the apartment soon but first we wanted to give you guys a little tour of where we’ve been staying. So Sam is going to give you a tour of our apartment in Lisbon.

Now what we need to do is catch a taxi and get on that bus. Let’s go. Let’s do it.

We are now at the Sete Rios bus terminal. The taxi ride was really nice. We had such a nice driver. Very friendly. The ride was also affordable. It came to something like just over 8 Euros. Which for four people was incredible. We were able to fit all of our bags in there.

The bus terminal is nice here. We’re just killing time as we arrived really early. We have over an hour to kill. So I went out and got baked goods. So if we take a little tour down here we’ve got the all time favorite. The Pastéis de nata. The Portuguese egg tart. And then I’ve got a sandwich for all of us. I think it is prosciutto and cheese. It looks good and you’re having lunch right now.

All of this came to 16 Euros. We got 4 sandwiches, 4 Pastéis de nata and one big Quiche. Good value and that will tide us over until we reach Porto.

Well these views can only mean one thing. We have made it to Porto! I’m loving it on the 4th floor. We have beautiful views of the park. We have a park right across. Yeah, we have nice spacious bedrooms. We’ll show you that later. Anyways yeah it is time for a much needed update. We forgot to tell you the price of the tickets. The bus tickets. The bus tickets were 19 Euros per person. That was pretty good value. It probably would have been cheaper if we had of booked it in advance but we’re kind of winging this. Mmmhmm. Booking this last minute. What I think we’ll do is we’re going to go to the grocery store and we’re going to show you. We’re going to have a family dinner tonight.

We were only partially successful. We went into the bakery looking for bolinhos de bacalhau but they didn’t have any. Only sweets. But we did find an Asian supermarket that had spicy Korean Shin Ramyun and Mochi balls. We got Mochi for dessert. So it’ll be a good meal. It sure will. An Asian inspired meal. And we’re probably going to have red wine and after 8. It is going to be the most eclectic mix ever.

Ramyun, prosciutto, cheese, after 8, mochi balls and more importantly good company. Salut. Our first meal in Porto.

We’re going to wrap things up here. It was a nice day. Nice travel day it wasn’t too long. What did you guys think of the trip?

It was good. I slept well. Pretty cozy. Those two slept a lot on the bus It was comfortable.

We’ll see you guys with more videos from Porto soon. We’re going to enjoy our meal. Tata.

This is part of our Travel in Portugal video series showcasing Portuguese food, Portuguese culture and Portuguese cuisine.

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