Mouthwatering GERMAN FOOD Tour in MUNICH! 🍺🥨 | What to Eat & Drink in Munich during Oktoberfest 🇩🇪

Hello and greetings from Munich! Today we’re taking you on a mouthwatering German food tour across the Bavarian capital. If you’ve been watching this channel for a while, you may already know that Sam and I love experiencing a new destination through its food, and Munich was no different! Over the course of our visit, we set out to sample as many German dishes as possible.

In this video, we’ll be trying German roast pork knuckle with potato dumplings, Oktoberfest chicken coated in pretzel crumbs, goulash with bread dumplings, a snacking board featuring all sorts of cheeses and sausages, and for a little something sweet, we’ll get a taste of the Emperor’s Mess pancakes. And of course, because this is Munich, it wouldn’t be a proper food tour without a beer…or three. So grab a snack and join us as we eat our way across Munich. It’s going to be a tasty one!

Where to eat & what to eat in Munich:

Augustiner Klosterwirt
– Käsespätzle: small noodles in a cheesy sauce with crispy onions
– Oktoberfest Hendl: roast chicken coated in pretzel crumbs with a potato and radish salad

Augustiner am Dom
– Stadtwurst: town sausage with crispy skin served with sauerkraut
– Snacking board with various cheeses, sausages, pickles, radishes and dark bread

Munich Viktualienmarkt
– Schweinshaxe mit Kartoffelknödel: roast pork knuckle with potato dumplings
– Gulasch mit Semmelknödel: meat stew with bread dumplings

Laurin Südtirol
– Set menu featuring beetroot risotto and chilli con carne
– Kaiserschmarrn: fluffy pancakes served with icing sugar, berry sauce and apple sauce (known as the Emperor’s Mess)

Weisses Bräuhaus
– Snack board with cheeses, meats, lard, pretzel and dark bread
– Weissbier

– Oktoberfestbier
– Pretzel

And that concludes our German food tour in Munich. We had a great time eating our way across the city and sampling so many new-to-us dishes. Of course, there was only so much we could eat over the course of a few days, so let us know what German and Bavarian dishes we missed that fellow travellers should sample during their visit. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe and see you soon with more videos from Bavaria! Thanks for watching!

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Mouthwatering GERMAN FOOD Tour in MUNICH! 🍺🥨 | What to Eat & Drink in Munich during Oktoberfest 🇩🇪

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