Our NEW Spanish YouTube Travel Channel!!! (Guía de Viajes con Samuel y Audrey)

Hey guys! We have a NEW Spanish YouTube Channel:

For a while now we’ve been wanting to create a Spanish YouTube travel channel but we kept putting it off. Well, now it is live and official. For the time being we’ll mostly be doing city guides until I (Sam) improve my Spanish. Fortunately, Audrey speaks Spanish and she’ll be leading the way as I learn by studying a little bit every night. It’ll be a lot of fun and excited about it.

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Our NEW Spanish YouTube Travel Channel!!! (Guía de Viajes con Samuel y Audrey) video transcript:

Hola Amigos! Bienvenidos! Me llama Samuel.

You want to tell us why you’re speaking in Spanish?

We have a bit of an exciting announcement. We are starting a new little side project. A Spanish YouTube channel.

I know it is nothing super exciting like moving to a new country or anything like that but yeah we’ve kind of been toying with this idea for a while because when we went traveling in South America was it two years ago?

We got a whole bunch of subscribers from South America who are asking us for Spanish content. Yep. And also my parents have been asking us for Spanish content.

Your parents have been asking and for those of you who don’t know you do speak Spanish. Hello, I do speak Spanish so that is why it kind of makes sense and I mean Sam also wants to learn Spanish so we figured this would be a fun little challenge for you. Also a good way for me to practice my language exactly because I don’t get to use Spanish very often.

I’ve memorized some food so for the time being we’re going to focus mostly on city guides.

You’re going to be doing a lot of the presenting. I will be kind of be limited to one line zingers.

And I’m going to start I’m going to start today. I’m going to start tonight so I’m going to learn some new words. You have a wonderful little teacher over here. Haha. I do have a teacher.

That is true. And we practice. But anyways yeah I mean if any of you don’t know this already you were born in Canada but your parents are both from South America. Your Dad is from Argentina. Your Mom is from Peru.

So you grew up like uh your first when you were really young you learned Spanish before English. I did and I also lived in South America when I was little. I lived in Argentina for 6 years.

I think this is going to be a fun project. We’re going to start off with city guides. Yeah. And as my Spanish improves hopefully at some point we’ll do a food review. We’ll get you more involved.

It would be so cool when I can actually like chip in with full sentences and have like complete coherent thoughts. Yeah. But that is going to take a while and uh yeah I mean it is up to me how much I study. Yeah. And hopefully I can improve.

And if any of you have any like language learning tips because I know a lot of people speak more than one language. For learning a second language what is what do you think are the best tips.

Yeah, so going back to the channel it is actually already up and a few of you have already found us. We haven’t really been promoting it but people have found the channel.

Well, we haven’t talked about it on camera but we’ve been putting it on our end screens on our videos and I’ve been having little pop-ups as well. Okay.

So anyways, yeah if you want to subscribe or check it out. We’re going to be linking wherever we can. Is it corners. It will be in the corners you’ll notice something popping up. It will be in the end screen and I’m also going to put it in the description box. Go check it out. As well. Yeah.

So yeah, if you’re interested in that please go check out the channel and give us some feedback and uh yeah this is just a very exciting new project and we wanted to let you guys know about it.

So and can we say goodbye in Spanish. Ciao.

Music in this video courtesy of ‘Kevin Macleod’ from (https://incompetech.com/) under a creative commons license.


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