Scottish Food and Edinburgh city tour in Scotland

Join us for a Scottish food and Edinburgh city tour on foot with our buddy Rob of Stop Having a Boring Life ( as we eat our way around town with Eat walk Edinburgh. Some of the top highlights included eating Haggis, sampling Scottish fudge and Scottish tablet, whisky tastings and Scandinavian Scottish fusion food before washing it all down with a porter beer on the Royal Mile.

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Scottish Food and Edinburgh city tour in Scotland Travel Food Video Transcript:

There is buddy Rob again. Good morning. So it is our second day in Edinburgh and we are starting things off with more food.

Because if there is one thing we’re good at it is eating. But we’re doing a little bit of walking to get there so it is the perfect compliment this morning. We can’t wait to get started.

So Rob what is the tour about today? The tour is basically about cruising through Edinburgh, seeing some nice sights and trying some classic foods. Alright, let’s do that. Maybe there is Haggis on the menu.


The first stop the Itchycoo. Let’s go in.

Okay, so the first stop of the tour is at the Itchy Coo and we are going to be having some Haggis for breakfast. Are you ready Sam? And starting off with a Virgin Mary. Decided not to make it bloody because it is like ten AM. A bit early to drink. Oh, that is very good. Okay, now let’s try the Haggis down here. And it is on looks like it is on a little cracker which is really cool.

So we had Haggis at the first stop and you boys actually ate all of it.

So they gave us little earpieces so we can hear our guide through the traffic and even if we trail behind a little bit. But I feel like we’re channeling some serious FBI vibes down the Royal Mile.

So we’ve made it to our second stop today. Cranachan & Crowdie. Let’s try some of these goodies. Yes, so we’re starting off with some venison here. With some Ooft! sauce.

Okay, so I’m going for the orkney smoked cheddar. We’re going to dip it in chocolate and this chocolate has whisky so. Oh my. I don’t think I’ve ever had chocolate with whisky before.

So that was Cranachan and Crowdie and they have food, drink and gifts from over three hundred suppliers in Scotland. So if you want to get an authentic gift for a friend or family this is a really cool place.

Right now we are heading inside the Fudge House for a little something sweet. Let’s do this. And fudge is one of my favorite foods. Also we’re going to learn about tablet I think. How much do you like fudge?

So being the fudge fanatic that I am I am very excited to try this. This if you look down here. This is the Scottish Highland cream. So this is one of the most traditional ones you can try. I’ll just pop that in my mouth here.

So as part of the tour we get to choose one bar to take with us and eat along the way. And they have over twenty varieties of fudge here so we’re struggling.

So we’ve been having sweet and savory foods. Now it is time to enjoy some drinks.

So this is your little souvenir. Proud of my little souvenir from Campbeltown Loch Scotch Whisky.

And if we haven’t been feasting enough it is time for lunch. We’re having Scandinavian Scottish fusion Smorgasbord. Alright, this is Hemma. Are you ready for Scandinavian Scottish. I’m ready.

So how was that meal? The meal was fantastic. My favorite things were actually the herring and beetroot salad and that is saying a lot because there were two other salmon dishes that I really liked.

Now the only problem is we thought that was the last stop so we ate a lot and now we’re stuffed and apparently there is still beer and cheese ahead.

And you’re trying the Ghost Town and this is from the northwest. So it is a porter and let’s give it a shot. And apparently it has a bit of a chili infusion so. Let’s see if you can taste that.

I do taste a slight bit of that. It is a porter so it is kind of like a Guinness.

So that is wrap from the Edinburgh eat and walk tour. If you’re a foodie and you ever find yourself in the city we highly recommend it. Absolutely.

This is part of our Travel in Scotland video series showcasing Scottish food, Scottish culture and Scottish cuisine.

Music in this video courtesy of Audio Network


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