Szentendre Travel Vlog | Day Trip From Budapest, Hungary

Come join us as we take a day trip from Budapest, Hungary to visit the quaint village of Szentendre. This riverside town in Pest county (named after Saint Andrew) is only a 30 minute train ride away from the centre of Budapest and makes for a fantastic getaway if you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed by being in the city. With plenty of museums, cobbled streets, churches and riverside location the pace slows down for foodies on a quest to just chill out.

We ended up wandering around and eating most of the day starting off by devouring Langos (Lángos – Hungarian fried dough with various toppings) including ones with cheese and cinnamon. Afterwards we visited a wine cellar museum to cool down before tucking into a big lunch that featured goulash (gulyás) and red wine. We also made time to visit a Marcipan museum featuring enormous marzipan sculptures (some almost 100 kg in size) before finally chilling out by the riverside in a lawn chair waiting to catch our Danube river cruise back to Budapest.

Overall, it was a great little trip and something we’d highly recommend for those with ample time to spare in Budapest, Hungary.

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Szentendre Travel Vlog | Day Trip From Budapest, Hungary video transcript:

Well good morning good morning. It is a beautiful Friday here in Budapest so today we’re planning a day trip. A day trip. We are going to Szentendre. Or at least that is how we think it is pronounced. It means Saint Andrews. Yeah, and I mean to get there we’re going to have to take what a some kind of a metro. Metro. Train. And then I think we’re going to be taking a river cruise on the way back. Yes. So today is going to be about exploration and also the transportation too. Let’s go.

We have arrived! We’ve arrived. It was a 30 minute journey.

Alright guys so we have arrived in the center of town and that was a very short walk wasn’t it?

Yeah, super short and already our first impressions I think of this place is that it is so cute and that it is so quaint and quiet compared to Budapest.

We researched this one place online that serves langos and it looks like a fried dough. We ordered the variety with sour cream and cheese on top and I also put like garlic sauce and hot sauce. Oh my gosh that is fully loaded.

And on to dessert that did not last long I have to say. The first one. The langos. Yeah, we were pretty hungry so.

So if you can see this here there is tonnes of icing sugar on the side and we did you order the cinnamon one?

So Sam is not the biggest fan of museums and this town has a lot museums but one of them is wine museum. Yeah.

I got goulash (gulyás) of course because when in Hungary. Gagaga-goulash.

Look at my bowl. Let’s call it a cauldron.

So we have just entered the Marcipan museum. And I’m used to seeing like small little works of marzipan that are edible but they usually are like small. And right now we’re going to see some monster works of art made with marzipan. Wait until you see this.

Mickey Mouse over here. Let’s look at him. He weighs 94 kilograms.

So we may have overdone it in the food and wine department. We are stuffed. Yes. So since we’ve arrived in town we’ve had that fried dough. The langos. Yeah. We’ve had lunch. We’ve had lunch with wine. I had goulash. Yes.

And then we also got. We had a little snack with the marzipan. Oh right, we had that we went to the cafe. Didn’t we? We had cake. Now we’re having drinks. Anyways, the reason we’re kind of chilling right now is we’ve decided we want to take a river cruise back. And that doesn’t go until five. And right now it is 3 pm. We feel we’ve had a really good walk through the town.

This is part of our Travel in Hungary video series showcasing Hungarian food, Hungarian culture and Hungarian cuisine.

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