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Epic Argentine PIZZA TOUR in BUENOS AIRES, Argentina 🍕 Pizza CHALLENGE: 5 Pizzerias in 48 Hours!

Get ready for an epic pizza tour across Buenos Aires! Today we’re bringing you a food challenge that only my pizza-loving husband could have thought up. With only a couple of days left in Argentina, Sam asked, “Audrey, what if we only ate pizza for 48 hours?” And thus began our quest to eat at […]

Visiting MENDOZA, Argentina: Eating Argentine Pasta 🍝 + Top Attractions in Mendoza City 🇦🇷

Join us as we visit Mendoza, Argentina eating Argentine pasta and checking out some of the top attractions in the city. After a few days spent touring wineries and vineyards, and sampling our fair share of wine, we decided to enjoy a chill day in Mendoza. We started the day off with breakfast at a […]

Argentine FOOD TOUR in PATAGONIA 😋🍺| What to EAT in BARILOCHE, Argentina 🇦🇷

Hey guys, Samuel and Audrey here and today we’re taking you on an Argentine food tour around Bariloche. If you’re planning a trip to northern Patagonia, Bariloche is the city you’ll be flying into, and while you’re there, you may as well enjoy the local cuisine! In this video, we’ll be sampling Patagonian dishes featuring […]

Dinner at Our Favourite Argentine Steakhouse in Buenos Aires | Audrey's DAD IS BACK in Argentina!

Come join us for dinner at our favourite Argentine Steakhouse in Buenos Aires at Parrilla Peña as we welcome Audrey’s Dad Daniel back to Argentina. Near the end of our trip in Argentina it was fantastic to have Daniel back with us to finish things off. After picking him up from the airport and having […]

We Tried ARGENTINE SNACKS with my Argentine Father 😋🍫 | Argentine Treats Taste Test 🇦🇷

We tried argentine snacks with my argentine father! A few weeks ago we received a package from our friends at https://stockear.me/, who sent us a giant box filled with argentine snacks, sweets and goodies. We simply couldn’t resist sharing this argentine taste test with you guys, so in this video, we’ll be sampling all sorts […]

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