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These Are The Countries In Latin America With No Travel Restrictions This Fall

Share The Article Last Updated 4 mins ago It may seem as if the world has already moved on from Covid at this point, but in reality, some of the most popular destinations continue enacting entry rules and delaying the resumption of normal tourism. As we have detailed before, on our side of the pond, […]

Our TRAVEL SCRATCH MAP of the World 🌎 | How Many COUNTRIES Have We Travelled To as a Couple?! 🧐

Scratching off our travel scratch map of the world, and figuring out how many countries we’ve been to together. 🌎🤔✈️ Head to https://squarespace.com/samuelandaudrey to save 10% off your first purchase of a website or domain. * * * * * * * * * * * * Our TRAVEL SCRATCH MAP of the World 🌎 […]

These Are The Cheapest And Most Expensive Countries To Visit In Europe

Share The Article Last Updated 4 hours ago Countries in Europe might be very close to each other but consumer goods and services prices can be way different. Do you know which country has the most expensive hotels and restaurants? A new report has all these answers. In a recent publication made by the European […]

These 5 Countries Have Eased Covid Entry Requirements This Week

Share The Article Last Updated 8 mins ago Are you glad COVID-19 feels like history? Many nations have dropped all travel restrictions for Americans — including Greece, Mexico, The United Kingdom, Costa Rica, and Jamaica — but that’s not the case for all nations.  Some nations still have strict COVID-19 restrictions in June 2022.  With […]

These Countries Are Still Ranked As High Travel Risk By the CDC

Share The Article Last Updated 2 hours ago Top destinations for American travelers such as Canada, Costa Rica, France, and the United Kingdom are on Level 3 A few weeks ago the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States changed its travel advisory levels. “Level 4 Special Circumstances/Do Not Travel”, which […]

These 8 Latin American And Caribbean Countries Removed All Entry Requirements

Share The Article Last Updated 1 day ago With more than thirty countries across the world having removed all of their entry requirements for travelers – 8 of these countries are located in Latin America and the Caribbean, just a stone’s throw away for eager vacationers. Let’s take a look at the 8 nations – […]

7 More Countries Ease Travel Restrictions This Week

Share The Article Last Updated 1 hour ago Seven more countries around the world have now further eased their travel restrictions this week. The easing of Covid-19 related restrictions in these countries follows the trend of more and more worldwide destinations dropping all their restrictions completely. In light of the situation improving around the globe, […]

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