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Braai: Eating South African Barbecue for dinner

When visiting South Africa the one absolute must item to try, unless you’re vegan/vegetarian, is South African Braai. Similar to barbecue, but don’t you dare call it that, it literally means ‘grilled meat in Afrikaans. For fuel wood is used over gas and other forms of charcoal giving the meat an extra smokey flavor. Another […]

Dinner at Our Favourite Argentine Steakhouse in Buenos Aires | Audrey's DAD IS BACK in Argentina!

Come join us for dinner at our favourite Argentine Steakhouse in Buenos Aires at Parrilla Peña as we welcome Audrey’s Dad Daniel back to Argentina. Near the end of our trip in Argentina it was fantastic to have Daniel back with us to finish things off. After picking him up from the airport and having […]

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