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Trying CHILEAN DISHES (Salmon Ceviche & Corn Pie 🌽) + First Impressions of PUERTO NATALES, Chile 🇨🇱

It was our first day in Puerto Natales, so we had to try some Chilean dishes and go out and explore the town! We started the morning with a visit to The Coffee Maker, which is a really cool coffee shop located inside the Kau Lodge. Here we enjoyed a tasty brunch featuring cappuccinos, carrot […]

Ukrainian Food Taste Test – 5 Dishes to Eat in Kiev, Ukraine

Join us in Kiev, Ukraine for Ukrainian Food taste test as we sample 5 different dishes to eat at Katyusha restaurant (Катюша). As we’re not too familiar with Ukrainian cuisine many of these dishes we’re sampling for the first time and it is really exciting to be trying something new. The Katyusha restaurant (Катюша) had […]

Greek Food Review | Trying Traditional Greek Dishes in Santorini, Greece

Join us for a Greek Food Review as we try all kinds of traditional Greek dishes and some local Santorini dishes at our favorite restaurant in Santorini, Greece: “Stamna Garden Taverna.” We ate at this restaurant in Santorini for our first Greek meal and we ended up coming back several more times. We were made […]

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