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Uruguayan ASADO GRILL 🥩 | Eating BBQ at the MEAT MARKET (Mercado del Puerto) in Montevideo, Uruguay

Craving uruguayan asado grill? In today’s video, we’re taking you on a food adventure to Mercado del Puerto for Uruguayan asado. This is Montevideo’s Meat Market which features numerous restaurants under one roof, all of them specializing in BBQ, also known as asado! This meat market is located by the port in front of Montevideo […]

Portuguese Food Review | Eating a Francesinha in Porto, Portugal

Join us for a Portuguese Food Review as we try eating a Francesinha in Porto, Portugal at one of the most famous restaurants (Bufete Fase) in the city. This Portuguese sandwich (Francesinha meaning Little Frenchie) originates from Porto invented by Daniel da Silva attempting to adapt the croque-monsieur after spending time in France and Belgium. […]

Braai: Eating South African Barbecue for dinner

When visiting South Africa the one absolute must item to try, unless you’re vegan/vegetarian, is South African Braai. Similar to barbecue, but don’t you dare call it that, it literally means ‘grilled meat in Afrikaans. For fuel wood is used over gas and other forms of charcoal giving the meat an extra smokey flavor. Another […]

48 Hours in PUNTA ARENAS, Chile 🇨🇱 | Eating CHILEAN FOOD 😋 + Touring Historic SEAFARING SHIPS ⚓

Today we’re going to be visiting Punta Arenas, the capital city of Chile’s southernmost region, Magallanes and Antartica Chilena. In this episode, we’ll be hopping aboard replicas of historic ships like the HMS Beagle and the Nao Victoria, and imagining what it would’ve been like to cross uncharted waters like the great explorers. We’ll also […]

Authentic Italian Pizza in Italy eating at Alleria Pizzeria in Pompei, Naples

Join us for authentic Italian pizza in Italy as we visit our favorite pizzeria in Pompei, Naples to sample delicious margherita pizza, appetizers and dessert in an epic feast. As a family run restaurant we came here on our first night and were blown away by the quality of the pizzas prepared in typical Naples […]

Visiting MONTEVIDEO's Attractions + Eating CHIVITO (Uruguay's National Dish) 🇺🇾

Hello from Montevideo! In today’s video, we’ll be visiting some of the city’s attractions and also sampling Uruguay’s national dish – chivito! We started the morning with a visit to the iconic Palacio Salvo, which is a landmark in Montevideo’s Old Town. This was the tallest building in all of South America up until the […]

Visiting MENDOZA, Argentina: Eating Argentine Pasta 🍝 + Top Attractions in Mendoza City 🇦🇷

Join us as we visit Mendoza, Argentina eating Argentine pasta and checking out some of the top attractions in the city. After a few days spent touring wineries and vineyards, and sampling our fair share of wine, we decided to enjoy a chill day in Mendoza. We started the day off with breakfast at a […]

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