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Authentic Italian Pizza in Italy eating at Alleria Pizzeria in Pompei, Naples

Join us for authentic Italian pizza in Italy as we visit our favorite pizzeria in Pompei, Naples to sample delicious margherita pizza, appetizers and dessert in an epic feast. As a family run restaurant we came here on our first night and were blown away by the quality of the pizzas prepared in typical Naples […]

Epic Argentine PIZZA TOUR in BUENOS AIRES, Argentina 🍕 Pizza CHALLENGE: 5 Pizzerias in 48 Hours!

Get ready for an epic pizza tour across Buenos Aires! Today we’re bringing you a food challenge that only my pizza-loving husband could have thought up. With only a couple of days left in Argentina, Sam asked, “Audrey, what if we only ate pizza for 48 hours?” And thus began our quest to eat at […]

Best Pizza in Naples, Italy

Join us as we seek out the best pizza in Naples, Italy eating 10 pizzas at 5 different pizzerias in Napoli. We try numerous different types of pizza such as street food pizza while focusing heavily on eating the original pizza Napoletana (Neapolitan pizza) known locally as pizza margherita featuring San Marzano tomatoes, Mozzarella di […]

PIZZA CASERA en Familia 🍕 + Nuestro Barrio Después de una TORMENTA DE NIEVE en Toronto, Canadá ❄️

Hoy les compartimos un video de un típico día de invierno en Canadá. Esta semana nos reunimos en familia para disfrutar un día de pizza casera. Aquí en casa somos amantes de la pizza, así que preparamos pizza con anchoas, pizza con jamón y mozzarella, pizza con bondiola, pizza con tomate y oregano, pizza blanca […]

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