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Austrian Airlines flight from Ukraine to Austria travel vlog (Lviv – Vienna – Innsbruck – Kitzbühel)

Join us as we travel from Ukraine to Austria flying with Austrian Airlines from Lviv to Vienna to Innsbruck and then taking ground transportation to Kitzbühel. Our Austrian Airlines flight from Lviv to Vienna was delayed meaning our entire schedule had to be rearranged turning this into a rather long day. You’ll find us spending […]

Kyiv (Київ) – 20 things to do Kiev, Ukraine Travel Guide

Join us as we visit Kyiv (Київ) for the first time covering numerous attractions and things to do in the city of Kiev, Ukraine in this travel guide. Kiev city is a destination we didn’t know much about prior to traveling to Ukraine. Arriving with fresh eyes it didn’t take us long to fall in […]

Ukrainian Food Taste Test – 5 Dishes to Eat in Kiev, Ukraine

Join us in Kiev, Ukraine for Ukrainian Food taste test as we sample 5 different dishes to eat at Katyusha restaurant (Катюша). As we’re not too familiar with Ukrainian cuisine many of these dishes we’re sampling for the first time and it is really exciting to be trying something new. The Katyusha restaurant (Катюша) had […]

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