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7 Things Travelers Need To Know About Visiting Las Vegas This Fall

Share The Article Last Updated 44 mins ago Las Vegas is the number 1 destination for American travelers this fall and the travel industry knows it. Breeze Airways recently launched 8 new non-stop flights from different cities in the US to Sin City, and just a few weeks ago Frontier Airlines also announced 5 new […]

Touring the Isle Of Skye visiting Eilean Donan castle in the Scottish Highlands w/ Haggis Adventures

On day two of our Haggis Adventures tour we traveled around the Isle of Skye visiting some scenic landscape attractions -including Eilean Donan castle – amidst wet, rainy and windy weather. Standing drenched from head to toe I felt rain drops pelting my face horizontally as the gusts of wind nearly swept me off of […]

Visiting the Ruins of Pompeii, Italy Travel Guide

Join us as we visit the Ruins of Pompeii, Italy in this travel guide covering this ancient Roman city near modern Naples, in the Campania region of Italy, in the territory of what is now the comune of Pompei. Pompeii was destroyed by volcanic ash and pumice during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius back in […]

Cartagena, Colombia: 10 Things Travelers Need to Know Before Visiting

Share The Article Last Updated 6 hours ago Get lost in Old Town, sample streetside empanadas in Getsemani, and dance cumbia til dawn before heading off on a boat tour to explore the bay and nearby islands…these are just some of the adventures to be had in Cartagena, Colombia. A gorgeous and historic coastal city […]

Prince Edward Island Travel Guide | Visiting PEI Canada

Come join us as we visit PEI as our final maritime province on this Canada road trip. Our Prince Edward Island travel guide covers places to visit, top attractions and delicious local food worth sampling. When you’re thinking of beautiful Canadian provinces to visit in the summer, Prince Edward Island (PEI) should be near the […]

Visiting MONTEVIDEO's Attractions + Eating CHIVITO (Uruguay's National Dish) 🇺🇾

Hello from Montevideo! In today’s video, we’ll be visiting some of the city’s attractions and also sampling Uruguay’s national dish – chivito! We started the morning with a visit to the iconic Palacio Salvo, which is a landmark in Montevideo’s Old Town. This was the tallest building in all of South America up until the […]

Qatar: Top 10 Things You Need to Know Before Visiting

Share The Article Last Updated 1 hour ago Qatar, a peninsula on the shores of the Persian Gulf is a travel destination filled with things to do and experience. Don’t know much about Qatar but feeling curious about what a trip would be like there? With the World Cup approaching in November 2022, we’re sure […]

Visiting MENDOZA, Argentina: Eating Argentine Pasta 🍝 + Top Attractions in Mendoza City 🇦🇷

Join us as we visit Mendoza, Argentina eating Argentine pasta and checking out some of the top attractions in the city. After a few days spent touring wineries and vineyards, and sampling our fair share of wine, we decided to enjoy a chill day in Mendoza. We started the day off with breakfast at a […]


Hello and greetings from Saale-Unstrut! Today, we are visiting the northernmost of Germany’s 13 wine-growing regions, which sits along the 51st parallel north. The wine history here dates back over a thousand years, with the first vines being cultivated by monks in the year 998 (nine hundred and ninety eight) AD, and it’s as picturesque […]

GERMAN ALPS ⛰️ | Visiting the Most BEAUTIFUL Place in GERMANY! 😍

Greetings from the German Alps! Today, we’re showing you around Berchtesgaden National Park, Germany’s only alpine national park, which may also be the most beautiful place in all of Germany. This is a place that I had been wanting to visit ever since I learned of its existence, and I knew Sam would be happy […]

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