Touring the Isle Of Skye visiting Eilean Donan castle in the Scottish Highlands w/ Haggis Adventures

On day two of our Haggis Adventures tour we traveled around the Isle of Skye visiting some scenic landscape attractions -including Eilean Donan castle – amidst wet, rainy and windy weather. Standing drenched from head to toe I felt rain drops pelting my face horizontally as the gusts of wind nearly swept me off of my feet. With camera in hand, I raced towards the Haggis Adventures bus with Audrey struggling just in front of me.

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Unlike day one of the tour, we experienced a ‘proper’ Scottish winter day on our second day of touring the Isle of Skye. Our guide Dave apologetically explained that the weather in the summer is much nicer on the island; however, I quite liked experiencing the severe weather as it reminded me of back home on Vancouver Island where it would sometimes rain for days/weeks on end.

The highlight of day two was visiting Eilean Donan castle. Even though my lens was fogged up from the weather, I instead enjoyed just standing beside the castle and enjoying the panoramic scenic views it offered – dramatic weather conditions and all.

Our lunch break, which is often spent wandering around when we’re on tour, instead was a welcome opportunity for us to sit down, dry off and sample some traditional Scottish pub fare (including fish and chips, a whisky meat pie and tea for two).

Sometimes life hands you lemons (or in this case severe weather) which are worth squeezing. Instead of wishing for another sunny day, I felt as though we were lucky to go toe to toe against Mother Nature. Pristine conditions rarely lead to great photos, great stories, or great videos. Furthermore, I felt we had been cheated slightly with the nice weather; after-all, this is winter in Scotland 😉

After the rising you had 1719. Spain and England are shall we say had an alliance with one another and voided that alliance, so Spain decided to play the Jacobite card. They spent 300 of their crack Spanish mountain troops to help the highlanders. Thank you very much Spain! Woo!

They went down to the Eilean Donan castle which is where I’ll be taking you shortly. Unfortunately, for the Scots and the Spanish we were defeated, so it was another failure and arising. Thanks for trying to help us guys. Hahaha.

So it’s quite crazy to think guys that there were was actually Spanish soldiers fighting here. That’s why we’ve said about Jacobitism being part of Scotland. As I said, Bonnie Prince Charlie was offered to become King of America, so an International dimension as well.

What a beautiful place for a battle guys. What a beautiful place for a battle.

So today is day two of our tour of the Scottish Highlands. The blue skies are gone and it is rainy, cold and the weather is just very Scottish and dramatic. So our first stop of the day is Eilean Donan castle and that’s just right behind us.

Brrrr. When I’m cold you know it’s really cold. Oh yeah! Bone chilling,wet and damp right now.

Aside from just the impressive Castle there is also wonderful views here.

SO we’ve just been warming up in a pub right now. It is really cold, damp, wet and windy outside, so we’ve got tea for two and we’ve ordered some traditional pub fare.

I actually quite like the damp and the rain because it reminds me so much of home where I grew up on Vancouver Island.
background music playing.

It is super windy. Our guide Dave said this is the windiest he’s ever seen it here. I bet you can barely hear me right now.

This is part of our Travel in Scotland series. We’re making a series of videos showcasing Scottish culture, Scottish arts, Scottish foods, Scottish religion and Scottish people.


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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).


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