Ukrainian Food Taste Test – 5 Dishes to Eat in Kiev, Ukraine

Join us in Kiev, Ukraine for Ukrainian Food taste test as we sample 5 different dishes to eat at Katyusha restaurant (Катюша). As we’re not too familiar with Ukrainian cuisine many of these dishes we’re sampling for the first time and it is really exciting to be trying something new. The Katyusha restaurant (Катюша) had a really quirky retro vibe with decorations from the 70s and 80s including old cameras, televisions and video game consoles. The Ukrainian meal itself was delicious and considering we ordered a lot of food it didn’t cost that much. The five Ukrainian dishes we ended up ordering are as follows:

1) Borscht (борщ) Ukrainian Soup
2) Olivier Salad (салат “Оливье)
3) Deruny (деруни) Ukrainian Potato Pancakes
4) Varenyky (Вареники) Ukrainian Dumplings
5) Medovik (Медовик) Ukrainian Cake

Katyusha restaurant (Катюша) location in Kiev, Ukraine:

Varenychna “Katyusha” (Варенична Катюша)
Ukrainian Restaurant
Khreschatyk St, 29/1, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000
+380 44 235 9335
Daily:  8AM–12AM

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Ukrainian Food Taste Test – 5 Dishes to Eat in Kiev, Ukraine travel cuisine video transcript:

Well good day from a chilly summer day here in Kiev (Kyiv –
Київ – Киев). It is lunchtime and today we are going in search of food. What are we going to have?

We’re going to be having a whole bunch of different Ukrainian dishes (українські страви). Yes. And this is a cuisine we’re not too familiar with. Not at all. So we’re just hoping to order a whole bunch of different things and try most of them for the first time. Let’s go.

Alright guys, so we’ve made it inside the restaurant. This place is called Katyusha (Катюша) and we were actually here yesterday and we ordered so much food and it was really good so we decided to come back and show you guys what Ukrainian food (українська кухня) is all about.

So we’ve gone all out once again today and we’ve ordered like four different mains and dessert and drinks. Yeah. So yeah, this is going to be a fun little introduction to Ukrainian food for both us and you guys watching because this is basically our first time you know getting acquainted with Ukrainian dishes (українські страви). So it should be tasty.

Sam is loving the vibe. Yeah, I know. This restaurant is so cool. It is like stuck in a time warp. I mean it has got so many different retro things going on from old tvs to old video game consoles and just like the paintings, the wall hangings and the different decorations in the restaurant.

It is kind of a fabulous place I have to say. Yeah, it kind of looks like the 70s but with lots of antiques. Yes. Yeah, it has a very 70s 80s type of feel.

Okay, so first up we are starting with Borscht (борщ) which is a sour soup.

So Sam here went for salad. Yeah, I wanted to try the think it is called the Olivier Salad (Оливковий салат). Olivier. Olivier. And it is just a very it is very visible. You can see exactly what is in it. Yep. You’ve got like eggs and carrots and peas and then I think like little cubes of ham and it looks like it is kind of like in a type of a mayonnaise type of sauce.

Moving on to our 4th dish. We believe this is called Varenyky (Вареники) or pyrohy (Вареники). Yeah, we’re not entirely sure. And having just traveled in Poland these are these look awfully similar to the pierogi.

Time for dessert. Viola.

We believe this is called Medovik (Медовик). If we’ve deciphered the menu correctly. And if you take a closer look it basically looks like a whole bunch of like little pancakes stacked on top of each other with layers of cream and honey in between.

So basically this came to ‎₴349 Ukrainian Hryvnia or $13.71 USD.

This is part of our Travel in Ukraine video series showcasing Ukrainian food, Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian cuisine.

MUSIC: “Electrodoodle” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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